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Maintenance & Associated Services

maintenance-servicesKeeping in tune with our business propositions, to be a true provider of clear and complete solution, we consider service to be a crucial part of the treatment program.

Our professionals provide below-mentioned services in order to test and stabilize treatment initiatives:

1) System Survey
2) Programme Selection & Recommendations
3) Application & Monitoring
4) Monthly Trend Reports
5) Treatment Review & Audit
6) Programme Optimisation

Operation & Maintenance Contract / Annual Maintenance Contract

We do undertake Operation & Maintenance (O&M) / Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of all the water treatment plants. We provide all the spares and services associated with it.

Descaling/Cleaning Practise
Descaling/Chemical cleaning is more effective for the removal of inorganic and organic deposits from process lines and equipments. Our cleaning program is a combination of three elements. Solvents (acid, alkali, surfactant), Fluid velocity (stirring, spraying, agitation) and heat (hot water or hot surface). Cleaning is divided into two categories: pre operational cleaning and routine maintenance cleaning.

Descaling/cleaning practice consists of safe and uniform cleaning of deposit (scaling/rust) from the heat transfer surfaces, process line without metal corrosion followed by proper passivation to check electrochemical reaction after cleaning.