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Water Treatment Plants

Cooling Water Treatment Boiler Water Treatment
The primary objective of cooling tower treatments to facilitate efficient heat transfer and minimise water consumption. The substance that loses heat is said to be cooled while the one that absorbs heat is named as Coolant.
Cooling water if untreated primarily causes scaling, corrosion, fouling and microbiological growths in cooling towers, condensers and other cooling system.

It results in costly production losses, equipment failure and breakdowns. These problems can be overcome by usage of :

· Anti-Scalants
· De-Scalants
· Corrosion Inhibitors
· Neutralising Agent
· Biocides
· Dispersants
· Anti-foamers
· Coagulants…

Cooling Water Treatment Boiler Water Treatment
Liquid Water is vaporized to generate Gaseous Steam through Boiler which is used in industrial processes for various applications.

Since Boiler along with Condensate line not only deals with Liquid water but also Gaseous steam. Hence, treatment of feed water and water inside Boiler is complex. The objective is to operate Boiler with the highest efficiency for the longest possible time.

Boiler water must be treated to prevent scaling, corrosion and sludge deposition.

· Anti-Scalants
· De-Scalants
· Sludge Conditioner
· Neutralising Agent
· Corrosion Inhibitors / Oxygen Scavenger
· pH Conditioner / Alkalinity Builder…